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Nepal has a highest unemployment rate. Even the brightest students are unemployed here, and the people who are employed are not satisfied with their jobs. After completing Masters most of the science students start preparing GRE, with the aim of abroad study, but some start teaching career. Due to burgeoning of Financial institutions and Banking sectors, students of Management do get the jobs, but most are not satisfied with the perks and salaries they are getting.

For other faculties, teaching is the most commonly get jobs. Some students even start preparing for public service commission, but the craze for government jobs is insignificant among the youths.

Most of the students believe that it is hard to get jobs and only the relatives of politicians and their cadres do got the jobs. But some students still believe that students can get job, if their academic performance is best, but most of the students do not agree with this argument.

Here is the comment of students in our facebook page, when we asked the questions: Who generally get job in Nepal?


Narayan Nayaran the person who has close relationship with minister or politician..or high level officer....for government jobs...the person who studied in government school...for project job: link wid the person currenlty working in projects..


Sjn Tamang only those people get better job in Nepal who are closely linked with political leaders


Deven Kc One who has a relative in top level(politician) gets a job in nepal..


Ravi Mhrzn I think those people who have ablilities to do an appropriate job, good academic background, n have intension to do job....... can get job..


Khagendra Gautam parti ko pa6i kudne haru lai very easy to get job... tara hami jasto swatantra byakti lai very difficult... chanchune job ta sajilai pain6a... tara sarkari ra salary ramro hune job ma aafno knowledge le kehi napdaina... sorce 6aina vane... khali second banau6an...1st arkai hun6a.


Birendra Saud नेपाल मा मनसुन को खेति भनसुन को जागिर भन्छन साच्चिकै हो /यहाँ पढेर मात्र हुदैन यहाँ अगाडी मान्छे चाहिन्छा संगै पढेको मनिष जो सधै 3rd स्थान हुन्छ त्यो राम्रो ठाउमा जागिर गर६ जो सधै 1st हुन्छ उ बेरोजगार भयर बसी रहेको हुन्छ यस्तै छ यहाँ को चलन


Ujjwal Silwal jo sanga power 6 usle nai job pau6 yaha ta talented ko kadar nai 6ina only 2 % out of 100 get job by their own talent.....


Vijay Kc Simply, I think, its tough to get desired job to students frequently after completing their degrees. Generally, many of employers seek for prior experience on candidates while recruiting which, makes a big hurdle on their career and expectations. How can one get experience where all are expecting only for experience? Besides, a group of conservative entrepreneurs mostly prefer for higher percentage on examination results ignoring their ability and talent. I also feel that, behind these problems, our theory based educational system is also responsible which provides all information about particular subject but can't give a ground of experiment. At last, students also shouldn't leave a hope of getting job one day for sure. After all, we know well - try try, till you die !


Santosh Kshetri now its harder for brahmin n chhetri but easier for other caste....


Chapagain Krishna The person having source force...


Dinesh Poudel- Getting job is not like that. For government service, you got to have both competency and political power (political power is most and competency have to be a lil' bit) and for the private sector, you have to get competency and exposure to them. It's easy for the extraordinary and very much hard to the average people.


Bm Adhikari One with positive attitude and who have belief that they'd get job. Attitude makes the big difference.


Adeel Manandhar Those who work hard doesnt need a job :)


Suman Shrestha Nachineko man6e vanda
"chineko" nai kam lag6a.
"Chineko" vanda panda pani
"kineko" nai kam lag6a.
Tyai ta ho ni.
Anyway if you have information of result of B.ed 1st year 2067 please to me,we are waiting it.


Bije Raut Prob isnt 1ly ova npl its al ov wold bt u realy wan du job u get 1ly out of interest eva tat is nt gud 4 ppl n dey tink it eg n had on way


Anuj Pudasaini ‎"those who works hard"........yo ta joke bhaisakyo aba.........


Zenith Crony Those who have source force with political leaders


Proxima Dc very hard and tough to get job in periphery of Nepal.


Kamal Mahato Those people who has approach to higher politician leader____This is 100% true.


Sabin Regmi: Those person ho have source and fource they cant get easily job.

Subash Dhital nepal ma jagir pauna sajilo huncha bhannae chai source force bhaka haru hun and jagir pauna garho chai hami jasta anaginti yuva hun jasto ta na force lagcha na ta source nai

Nishan Kunwar job pauna easy nai xa, but salary dami vako job pauna chahi ali garho nai xa.....


Ujana Shrestha jasko sakti usko vakti...


Harka Bam ONE Who IS Close To Politician AND ONE Who Has A Lot OF Property.......get job.


Rishi Dhakal Job painna ma vandina tara yogyata ko cadar vayeko 6 jasto malai lagdaina.



Arunima Nepal its very difficult for the person who does not have relative in higher level post.


Hem Gautam No commisions for the job are set up till now in favour of youths. so I think rather asking such questions we sud compel the government. 

Hemant Khatiwada nepali yuwaharu nepalma job paune bhaye kina bides janthe hola! 

Surendra Kumar Ya frnds we al know that who hav sorce and force they only get chance in nepal then we hav to b serius abt such activities and stop that its our weaknes frnds so i think yuth who r educated they can solve such system of nepal if they want so pls. Take action agains them not i ,u we all.

Mugali Ghimire Prakash jaska man6e mathlo postma 6n tyasle job pauna sak6. Jasle tanna paisa khwauna sak6 tysle pau6 job. Job paunu chanchune kura haina.

Lila Thapa Magar Yesto mat liyeko ati ramro lagyo jasle desko sthitilai prasta boli sakyo aba so niyentran garna po dhyan dine ki!

Parash Timsina who is related to politician& political party and who have alot of money to give a leader.....get job!!! 

Hement Kaphale Job garna ta party ko pucher samtnu parcha natara neta ko santan bannu parcha garo chha nepali bhai bachna 

रमेश ग्वाछा Gramesh Everybody know the answer but I think 'Why nepalese cant getting job inside Nepal is much more important question than