Students at Janaki Medical College worried about their future



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Ansu Piya, a MBBS third year student at Janaki Medical College (JMC) , is extremely worried about her future.

The joy she had felt on receiving scholarship for studying medicine has been diminishing as the college has not conducted classes in the last 15 months. Her friends have been pursuing medical degree in other colleges and have been working in hospitals under them, but the teaching hospital of JMC has been shut down for the last eight month, depriving Ansu of the exposure highly valued in the medical field

Staffers as well as faculty members of the college have not been paid for several months due to which they have been skipping duties.

"Last year, too, we sat exams reading guess papers as classes were not conducted. What kind of doctors we will become by reading guess papers," complained Piya.

Piya, along with other 200 students at the JMC, who have been deprived of study are in the capital to draw attention of concerned authorities to their problems. Over 450 medical students at the JMC have been deprived of education for the last 15 months.

Rahul Kumar Chaudhary, another MBBS student at JMC, complained that he had paid Rs 3.1 million in advance to the college administration in fees. "Due to the irresponsibility of the college administration our future is in jeopardy," complained Chaudhary. He complained that the college does not have required number of professors and teachers and its hospital lacks adequate infrastructures.

"We covered much of the courses on our own. We know nothing about the clinical course," complained Sugupta Aara, another student. She complained that students at JMC have been facing a lot of other problems as there is neither electricity at JMC's hostel nor canteen or other facilities.

Sandeep Shah, another student at JMC, who accompanied his classmate to draw the attention of IoM's officials about their problems, said that there is a vast difference between medicine and other studies as those studying medicine have to apply their knowledge on patients.

"We haven't been taught anything. What will we apply?" he questioned. He informed that students at JMC do not get chance to practice as its medical college has been shut for the last eight months.

Meanwhile, about 200 JMC students on Tuesday protested in front of the Institute of Medicine (IoM) to call attention to their problems.

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The article was originally published in Republica entitled “Fate of Medical students hangs in limbo”