Students ahead of others in shutdowns



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Students are far ahead than other groups for closing academic institutions in the country, says a report released by the Unesco Division of the Ministry of Education on Friday.

The report shows students’ union enforced bandas in academic institutions for 46 times followed by political parties 27 times and teachers’ unions 15 times in 2068 BS. Similarly, local teachers closed academic institutions thrice and school management committee and underground outfit enforced banda once each.

According to the report, private schools were padlocked 16 times, public schools 39 times, universities 22 times, the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training thrice, the University Grants Commission twice and the Department of Education once. Likewise, the Higher Secondary Education Board was padlocked twice, campuses five times and central departments of Tribhuvan University six times.  “Altogether, educational institutions were closed for 96 times in 2068 BS (from May 2011 to April 2012),” read the report.

The report said demands of different groups, including teachers’ unions and students’ union, late reaction by the authority on such demands and non-compliance of past agreements were some of the reasons behind such bandas. “Students took pride to call for closures, which is a worrying trend,” the report said. The report has also called for commitment from all political parties not to enforce strikes in educational institutions and to sort out disputed issues through dialogue instead of resorting to padlocking.