Student Welfare Directorate of Kathmandu University locked for an indefinite period



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Nepali Students Union of Kathmandu University today locked up the office of Student Welfare Directorate for an indefinite period, putting forth a five-point demand. NSU is a student wing of Nepali Congress. 

The demands put forth by NSU are

  1. allowing the first year students to stay in hostel for other years as well till they completed the course,
  2. conducting Student Welfare Council poll,
  3. increasing the number of professors in every department to improve the quality of education, 
  4. granting Kathmandu University Scholarship and Loan Scholarship to students, which has been halted for some time, and
  5. implementation of the agreement reached with NSU KU central committee in the past.

Janak Parajuli, President, NSU Kathmandu University central committee, said they had been pressing the university to hold SWC poll for the past two years. “The SWC poll should be held annually but due to negligence of KU administration, we are yet to get a new committee,” he said.

He stated that the university had called them to strike a deal on their demands yesterday, but the registrar refused to sign the agreement at the eleventh-hour. “Therefore we padlocked the office of the Student Welfare Directorate to press the university officials to heed our demands,” Parajuli added.