Student leaders express mixed opinion regarding Semester system of Tribhuvan University



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Tribhuvan University, the oldest and largest university is all set to implement semester system at its central departments from upcoming academic year for the Masters level programs.

But leaders of student unions express mixed opinion about this decision of this varsity.  

Some of the student leaders expressed their reservation regarding making students’ attendance and their presentation in the classroom for making one of the bases for evaluation.

Most of the student leaders have said implementation of semester system is a welcome decision and demanded the varsity to assure the quality teaching and the rights of students to study in their own ways.

Kishor Malla, chairperson of the CPN-UML aligned student ANNFSU, raised concern over the evaluation of students who cannot attend classes every day.  He added this system will be unfair to those students who are job holders and are enrolled for Masters level.

Meanwhile, the Nepali Congress (NC) affiliated NSU leader Lekhnath Pokhrel claimed that few student leaders who fear losing their control over administrative and managerial activities in the central departments are trying to disrupt the semester system. He added that the student leaders of all the unions need to hold discussion to create a common voice to help improve the TU´s reputation.