Streamlining Education


The Rising Nepal

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It has been found that some private schools have been flouting the rules and confusing the students and parents. According to reports, some private schools in the country have not complied with the rules and regulations of the government and the instructions of the Higher Education Board, especially relating to running higher education institutions. The rules require schools that run 11 and 12 classes to clearly write higher secondary school instead of academy or institute in their names, which is clearly a violation of the existing law of the land. Schools and academic institutions are places where morality and civic sense are taught to create law-abiding and good citizens. If the schools themselves flout the rules and regulations, it will definitely have a negative impact on the students and the society as a whole. The concerned authorities need to take stern action against such schools so that others will not dare go against the rules and requirement of the government.


Despite being in practice for a long time, the government in the past remained a mute spectator and did not take any action against such schools. As a result, such unlawful practices continue to exist in the country. The government has adopted some important measures to bring reforms in the education sector, ensure better access to education for all and improve the quality of education. Education and health are the two priority sectors of the government, for which a huge portion of the national budget has been allocated. As a result of the government’s high priority and action, there has been significant progress and development in the education sector in the country. Nepal has adopted the policy of providing education to all by 2015, which has been widely hailed as a move to leap forward in its bid to achieve the goal of sustainable development.


Education plays a crucial role in the long-term and in sustainable development. Investment in education is an investment for the social and economic development of the country. Thus, efforts must be made to bring about reforms in the education sector and improve the overall quality of education. The education sector has been marred largely by the heavy politicisation in the past. The present trend, thus, does not present a rosy picture, which must be reversed in order to steer the nation towards a better and brighter future.

(Source: The Rising Nepal)