SLC: Students Love to Cheat



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The SLC exams are finally over and I hope our police wallahs will be more prepared next year when they face hundreds or even thousands of angry villagers, pelting stones at them for not letting our great students cheat. Maybe, it would be better if we deploy all our security personnel to guard the SLC exams centres next year. After all, they don’t have much to do except put on a parade at Tundikhel, guard our VVIPs, and sometimes act like local goons.

I don’t think our police wallahs have learnt their lessons yet. You just can’t send 10 men in blue to a remote district and expect them to secure the location. It’s not like Kathmandu where you have thousands of Armed Police Force personnel and their only job is to charge at Valley residents who are not happy with the way their houses have been bulldozed. Let’s cut them some slack…after all, it’s not easy standing outside them foreign embassies, fully armed and chasing away Nepali citizens who think it’s a great spot to take pictures.

Dr Saheb could have done us a favour if he had gone on national television and given a pep talk to all SLC students. Maybe it would have inspired many of our students in them villages and they would have probably asked their parents and teachers not to act like political hoodlums. Because stone pelting and political cadres are like bread and butter ni.

It’s such a shame that our parents and teachers think it’s a good idea to cheat in them exams. Well, half of our public school teachers in remote districts get paid even if they don’t show up anyways. If these teachers had spent their time teaching their students some math theorem then I guess they wouldn’t have to learn ‘stone hurling’ techniques.

And what’s up with the fake examinees? A Maoist CA member must have been either too busy to sit for the exams or he figured it would be as easy as sending someone else to pose as a PLA soldier. Well, I guess it’s much easier to fool UNMIN than our police personnel checking them IDs at the exam centres. We do have a few competent cops hagi? Yes, not all politicians are crooks and not all students cheat but a few of the rotten ones make it hard for everyone else.

I think our TV news channels should send their crews to the SLC exams centres next year, they will probably get better content as they film our ‘parents and teachers going wild’ acting like they are fighting for a noble cause. I think we should ask them ‘stone pelting’ parents and teachers to fight against school shutdowns by our political parties. How come they are not complaining when everybody from trade unions, ethnic fronts, to even a local guy whose chicken got run over, shuts down schools across the country?

Nearly half a million students sat for this year’s SLC exams. Half of them will fail and a few will try again next year while the rest will probably start learning Korean or visit our manpower agencies to find a job somewhere in the Middle East. Not all of us are smarty pants like our Dr Saheb and for those who won’t be doing a PhD in the near future, the government can at least provide vocational trainings. Try finding a plumber, electrician, or a carpenter in Kathmandu.

Instead of trying to get all our young folks to join the army and have a compulsory military service in ‘New Nepal’, why not make it mandatory for all SLC candidates to take a three-month intensive crash course on anything from fish

farming to fixing a motorcycle to CPR or something. Any course will do except ‘stone hurling’ and ‘tyre burning’ hai?

The government wants to build ponds in all the villages across the country. It wants to spend billions and launch some kind of a

volunteer program. It sounds more fishy than our fish farms selling fresh trout. As always, our political parties will try to get their own cadres and chamchas as we have seen in nearly all youth programs launched by the government. Why not get our SLC candidates who are now staying home to get involved? Maybe someone should start a new political party? All those who have sat for the SLC exams can join the party. It doesn’t matter if you have failed to get past the Iron Gate for years. The party will help you to get some training on how to build an iron gate nai. Then at least you can make a decent living building iron gates across the country. It is much better than going around cheating people with false hopes and empty promises.

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(Source: The Kathmandu Post)