Sindhuli declared 36th fully literate district



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Sindhuli has been declared fully literate district today.

The district was formally declared fully literate amid a function today. “All the residents of the district ranging from 15 years to 60 are literate”, informed District Education Officer Kedar Kumar Giri. The 2010/11 report on literacy found a total of 73,615 illiterate in the district. Among them 47,886 were female and 25,729 were male. Literacy rate jumped to 99.21% female and 98.97% male in 2016/2017. Giri also informed that literacy campaigns launched by the Government of Nepal in collaboration with NGOs helped to achieve 99.13% literacy rate. 42 community learning centres ran literacy classes in the district to help people read and write.

Mohan Prasad Baral Chairperson of Parliamentary committee on Agriculture and Water Resources, Ganesh Kumar Pahadi Member of Parliament and Choodamani Paudel Director of Non-Formal Education Centre were present in the progamme. The trio spoke about importance of education and the prevalent problems in education sector of Nepal alongwith measures to overcome it.