Should school/college uniforms stay? Weighing pros and cons


Republica National Daily

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It is not very unusual for those in school to sometimes question why uniforms are compulsory, especially in schools where uniforms are prioritized more than studies or classroom activities.

Students are often punished in the school assembly for not ironing the creases properly or for not wearing socks of the right color, for shoes not shiny enough and socks that aren’t of knee-length. “Presentation is a must and you are representing the school when you’re walking around in the uniform,” from a Discipline Incharge or the coordinator is something every student gets to hear more often than not.

So students expect utmost freedom once they are out of high school because there are very few colleges that assign uniforms for students. There are two school of thoughts among students - a group that believes uniforms are there for a reason and uniformity and the other that thinks uniforms are a hassle and what one wears shouldn’t matter.

Republica asked a few youngsters which school of thought they belong to. “I prefer the no-uniform codes at least for colleges and universities. Although the idea might have been introduced to make all students look equal, but it need not be a must,” says Ken Subedi.

“When I was in primary school, I hated wearing school uniform and now when uniform is no more a part of my college life, I miss it. The lesson is it’s not uniform we dislike but the fact that we have no other alternative than to wear it,” shared Sushant Khanal on our Facebook page.

Similarly, Sawal Maskey believes uniform truly exudes the idea of uniformity in spite of various differences among students.

Sushant Thapa says, “I prefer uniform because it distinguishes us as students and sets us apart; it gives us identity and the sense of belonging (to an institution).”

Preeti Karna, however, believes that it really depends on the educational level; “Uniform is okay up to Plus 2 because rules and regulations develop the idea of discipline among students. I don’t think it is necessary after that because we get matured and not having to wear a uniform gives off a sense of freedom,” she says. She agrees that uniform gives a personality to an individual