Sharma hints at key changes: National Examination Board


Himalayan News Service

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Minister of Education (MoE), Dina Nath Sharma today told Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) officials to be mentally prepared to take responsibility of the National Examination Board (NEB).

As per School Sector Reform Plan (SSRP) — a six-year long project to restructure the education system in Nepal — NEB will be mandated to draft policies on examination and certificate distribution. It might also conduct examinations of School termination level at Grade XII.

Sharma said, “We are planning to give the important responsibility of education sector to HESB by assigning them the task of NEB, therefore HSEB members should be prepared for it.”

According to MoE, NEB will be the highest examination board to certify school level students. Ministry official today said there will be district level examination in every district in Grade VIII and regional level examination in Grade X and a national level examination in Grade XII which would be conducted by NEB.

On condition of anonymity, he further said that they were currently discussing whether the Office of the Controller of the School Level Certificate Examinations would be scrapped or merged into NEB.

SSRP is a comprehensive plan that aims to increase access and improve quality of school education.

As part of its plan, the ministry has already divided school structure into two layers — basic education (Grade I-VIII) and secondary education (Grade IX- XII).

(Source: The Himalayantimes)