Scourge Of Unemployment


Himalayan News Service

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The result of this year’s school leaving certificate examination that witnessed high percentage of failures in recent years has presented a gloomy picture. The students who failed the examination are sure to look for better opportunities. Probably, experts say, a horde of them will head to foreign shores to get employment. Now the SLC examination has become not only the stepping stone towards higher education, but has also become the reason to send many youths abroad in search of employment!

Such a situation is indeed an outcome of the abject shortage of employment opportunities. In our nation, individuals looking for jobs outnumber the number of jobs available. According to a report, about 1000 youths have been flying abroad per day in recent times, just to evade the situation at home where employment opportunity is a rarity. Every youth from across the nation are more than willing to head to other countries, where jobs are relatively better in terms of returns they provide to them.

Back home, jobs are scarce and even if one gets an occupation, it is not satisfactory as it generates less or nominal salaries and perks to them. Although we often come across news about the government’s endeavours to generate employment opportunities through various programmes, the government’s well intended efforts have failed to hit the target as more youths in the nation have remained unemployed despite having some qualifications in them. The failure of the government’s efforts is manifested in the truth that more and more Nepali youths are moving towards other nations.

It is really sad that youths, which form a backbone of the national economy, are reluctant to stay in the nation. The economic activities have certainly received a setback in the nation as more youths with their productive capacity, often opt to join foreign companies. For few more bucks, our youths have been assisting the foreign companies to be more productive.

Unemployment is also proving to be a scourge, not only for the nation’s economy but also for the society. It has almost become a social evil. An unemployed youth is a frustrated man, who can create social upheaval if he fails to control his frustration. It is a fact that most of the youths who are involved in crimes are often unemployed. The rise in thievery, robbery, hooliganism and many other forms of crimes are committed in the society by persons who are often without any respectable jobs.

A lack of opportunities and frustration may even take the unemployed into the grip of depression and other mental disorders. The frustration gets higher in persons having suitable faculty but are without any respectful job. In our society, frustrated youths are also found to be committing suicide and murders.

In recent times, unemployment has become a major headache for the government. But the government, political parties and many departments are not doing their works impartially to provide the jobs to the needy ones. Instead, the government and political parties are creating jobs with an objective of handing them to their cadres and supporters. It has further aggravated the situation. For the time being there is no ray of hope to ameliorate the (un)employment situation in the nation.

(Source: The Rising Nepal)