Schools teaching students With Indian textbooks


Himalayan News Service

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Schools in Biratnagar are teaching their students with the help of several Indian textbooks, which is prohibited by the education department.

These schools have been found teaching books that have not been approved by the Curriculum Development Department.

Sources revealed that the local guardians are disgruntled over the recklessness of the private schools. Indian texts books are being taught to the students defying the direction of the government, they blamed.

It has been found that mostly students of six and seven grade are provided with Indian textbooks.

Bal Kalyan Vidhya Mandir, a renowned private school of the district, has been teaching Indian books to class six and seven.

The students of class six are being taught with books like "A magic plus" by Orient Black, Essential English Grammar by Suntan Chand and so on.

Rabin Dahal, principal of BKVM accepted that the students were taught books that had not been approved by the curriculum department.

Similarly, St Joseph Boarding School is teaching Fake Brothers and Fake Science to the students of class 6 and 7.

Likewise, Eden Boarding is teaching "New Learning Communication" published by Oxford University. These books have been written by Indian writers.

DAV School is at the top when it comes to teaching Indian text books to their students, locals

(Source: The Rising Nepal)