Schools run by diplomatic missions, foreign affiliations proposed to close



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Kathmandu, Jan 15 (RSS): The High Level Education Commission has proposed to gradually shutdown the schools run by diplomatic missions and by taking foreign affiliations adding that there lacks a clear policy to regulate such academic institutions. 

The Commission has made a preliminary recommendation to further regulate such schools established arbitrarily and gradually close them. 

A report submitted by the Expert Group of Commission to the Commission's Chairman and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Education Gopalman Shrestha states, "Diplomatic missions and foreigners have established schools forcefully in an illegal manner and number of such schools should be fixed by determining certain standards." 

Likewise, the Commission has also proposed gradually ending the practice of prohibiting Nepali students to pursue education in the schools opened for serving the diplomatic missions and teaching textbooks based on foreign curriculum. 

The Ministry further has issued the notice to the educational institutions and learning centres to run the programmes as permitted by the Education Ministry and allow Nepali students to get enrolled in such programmes. 

Ministry spokesperson Dr Hari Lamsal shared that they will come to a logical conclusion to ths effect after holding serious discussions as the recommendation was preliminary. 
He added that the existing law has allowed a diplomatic mission to run single school. 

Principal of Ray School, which is running under CBS, KP Pandey said that the schools running in line with the then laws should not be closed but the new policy should be applicable for newer institutional only. 

Author: -Prakash Silwal