Schools must seek govt approval to receive donations: DEO


Republica National Daily

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Community schools must seek government approval before accepting grants from donors, said District Education Office (DEO), Kathmandu in a written instruction issued on Thursday.

In the notice, the DEO has raised concerns over a growing trend among government funded schools of accepting grants keeping government authorities in dark, which, the DEO points out, is against the Education Act of 1971.

The act further states that the schools need to take approval from both the Ministry of Education and the Social Welfare Council to accept grants.

According to Kathmandu District Education Officer Bal Krishna Ranjeet, the decision came after it was reveled that many schools were withholding information about the donations they receive from NGOs/INGOs to receive government grants as well.

Apart from the grants, the schools have also been directed to take permission of the authority before accepting immovable property from individuals or organizations.

The DEO has also warned the schools that have failed to complete the construction of various infrastructures despite being allocated the required funds for the purpose.

“Most schools have failed to complete the infrastructure related work within the set deadline. Even troublesome is the fact that they don´t inform the DEO about the progress,” said DEO Ranjeet.