School vehicles reprimanded for overload


Himalayan News Service

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The Metropolitan Traffic Police Division has started a campaign against school vehicles that carry students beyond their capacity. On the first day of its drive, the MTPD on Monday morning reprimanded 212 overloaded school vehicles.

Officials found some vehicles carrying students three times their capacity. A micro-bus of KMC School, New Baneshwor, was found carrying 46 students against its capacity of 17. A similar vehicle of EPS School had crammed 30 students into it. A 30 seater bus of Namo Buddha Dhyan Kendra, Thulo Bharyang, was heading for school with more than 40 students in it. Traffic police found 35 students of Manju-shree School, Mahabouddha, being taken to school on a 25 seater vehicle. Another vehicle of the same school, meant for 30 students, was loaded with 45. An Achme Engineering College vehicle was found carrying 13 passengers on eight seats. Most drivers were asked to call the school to send another vehicle to handle the overflow. A number of students on the vehicles that had approached the school were asked to get down and walk.

According to SP Yogeshwor Romkhami, most of the documents related to the vehicles were invalid and had flouted the due renew dates. Old vehicles not meeting traffic standards were also found carrying students in unsafe conditions. The MTPD has asked school owners and guardians to join hands in ensuring child rights, SP Romkhami said. He added buses flouting the ‘mobile code’ may be fined between Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 in future. The fine increases for regular offenders. There are more than 1,500 school vehicles in the Valley. A large number of public vehicles are hired by schools for ferrying students.

(Source: The Kathmandu Post, News by Nirjana Sharma)