Salary provided to teachers by flouting regulations



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District Education Office, Siraha has distributed salary for five teachers, by flouting the Education Service Act and Regulation. The teacher of Naudega Primary School, Majhaura-2 had closed down the school and had stayed back at their homes for the past four months.

Along with an office helper, five teachers had shut down following their dispute with the principal Mahammad Majit Rain and School Management Committee chairman Jagadish Prasad Sah over the financial tansparency at school.

Then School Management Committee had requested the District Education Office to punish the teachers, who pocketed the salary without attending the school for four months. However, DEO had failed compel the erring teachers to attend the school. Now, DEO has provided salary to them by opening a joint account in the name of school principal and office accountant.

Many children of village have been deprived of getting education, after the teachers remained absent from the school for the last four months, Ananda Ram, a guardian complained.

A total of 240 students are getting education at the school at present. Following the long closure of the school, parents including those who are very poor were compelled to enroll their children at a boarding school situated nearby the village.

Jagadish Sada, one dalit guardian, said that public school teachers were behaving more like politicians. So, they are forced to send their children to the boarding school without giving much care for the two time meals.

Principal Rain said that the teachers were forced to close the school because of unnecessary pressure from the SMC and other guardians. However, Chairman Sah claims that they were compelled to give pressure to the principal and teachers because they were involved in financial irregularities.

(Source: The Rising Nepal)