Reshaping of British Council English language services in Nepal


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The British Council is reshaping its English language services in Nepal to ensure that a wider range of young people and teachers benefit from high quality English products.

These changes include the discontinuation of teaching at the British Council’s Lainchaur centre in Kathmandu, with effect from 22 July 2011.

The British Council’s focus will shift to providing English language resources for teachers and students through partner organisations

This builds on the significant work already undertaken by the British Council with in-service teacher training. Since 2008, the British Council, in cooperation with governmental and non-governmental partners, has provided training to almost 3,000 teachers of English across Nepal.

The British Council will continue to invest to ensure that there is more widespread and better quality teaching and learning of English in Nepal.

Current and future initiatives include:

  • Access for young Nepalis to a range of high-quality English learning products which will enable them to improve their language capability

  • Partnerships with media organisations, companies and NGOs to ensure that both young aspirant Nepalis building their careers, and excluded groups, are able to learn English using high-quality British Council resources

  • A continued programme of in-service teacher training for school teachers in both public and private sector schools

  • Policy dialogue with government departments and employer groups on the role of English in the economic development of Nepal.

The Director of the British Council, Robert Monro, said:

We have reviewed the way in which we provide English language services in Nepal. We believe we can have a much greater impact by playing a more transformational role, encouraging a more widespread improvement in teaching standards and providing opportunities for young learners across Nepal.

Whilst we regret the ending of direct teaching on our premises in Kathmandu, we remain committed to investing in improving English in Nepal, and on building on a strong record of developing teacher training in the country.”

The last teaching courses at the British Council will begin on 27 June and end on 22 July. Registration for these courses will take place from 22 to 24 June, so students who want to take this “last chance” for learning at the British Council should get there early.

Although the British Council will no longer be teaching English on its premises at Lainchaur, it will continue to offer examinations, access to its Learning Centre and advice for students wishing to study in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: Does this mean the beginning of the end for the British Council in Nepal?

A: Emphatically not. We are reshaping our offer so that we can have greater impact. At present, our teaching services are reaching only 1,300 individuals per year. We want our services to reach many more people, and not just those with the means to pay for them.

Q: Is the centre closing because it is not profitable?

A: The Teaching Centre has not been able to cover its costs so we have effectively subsidised it from our reserves for a number of years. We believe that we can use our funds in a more effective way for the benefit of a broader range of teachers and learners across Nepal.

Q: What will happen to the teachers?

A: Some of the teachers will undoubtedly get jobs in other countries or in other language schools in Nepal. They are good teachers, other schools will be lucky to have them. We will also be continuing our work in English Language more generally and will readily employ them again if their skills fit our future needs.


For more details, please contact:

Rita Rajbhandary

Communications Officer

British Council Nepal

Telephone No 4410798 Ext No 3130