Reading gets you going


Himalayan News Service

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Reading English newspapers daily can help us increase our English vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and enhance writing skills. We can learn new words and styles of presentation by simply reading articles written by various writers. Article writers have the ability to logically present each word significantly. By reading their articles we can master the language skills.

I built the habit of reading since the past thirteen years, after my father started working in a publication house. Although I am from an engineering background, the writing skills I learnt are only from reading newspapers. The more I read and write, the more I learn, and this is an ongoing process.

Reading the news reports and expressions of professional writers, one can learn new words and new ways of presentation. Whenever I find a new word in the paper, I first try to understand its meaning from analyzing the sentence. Then I open the pages of my dictionary or just google it. Later, I try to make different sentences using that word. If we just read thoroughly, we may not know meaning of many new words. Looking it up in a dictionary helps us to know its meaning, but we can forget it after a few days if we don’t apply the word into our own sentences.

Reading newspapers has various advantages. Apart from being viable with what is happening in the world and what new technologies have arrived, one can also increase one’s creativity. Reading news-pieces of the progress of someone helps us to build up innovativeness for doing something better. Reading also makes us clever and able to judge our own writing for grammar, spelling and skills.

If you want to learn English, the best method would be to read English dailies daily. If you are a facebook addict, I suggest you to open This application helps you learn new words and ways to use it in sentences. Facebook chat and vocabulary test runs at the same time, so it is comfortable.Learning English in TOEFL, IELTS or GRE is a temporary learning. We learn by mugging up words for securing high marks, and later we will forget them. I think learning through reading newspapers is a more effective way. For students, it is all the more important to improve their language skills.

(Source: The Himalayantimes)