​Re-appointment of Dr. Ram Kantha Makaju as Vice Chancellor of Kathmandu University



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Dr. Ram Kantha Makaju has been appointed as a new Vice Chancellor of Kathmandu University. Dr Makaju had completed his earlier four-year term as KU VC on December 11. He will be holding the chair for a period of 4 years. Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, also the chancellor of Kathmandu University, reappointed Dr Ram Kanth Makaju as the vice-chancellor of the varsity on Friday.

Earlier, on January 6, search committee—led by Education Minister Dhaniram Poudel, Suresh Raj Sharma and Daman Nath Dhungana as members had recommended five persons, including Makaju, for the post. Sharma is former KU VC and Dhungana in chairman of the Board of Trustees of the varsity.

The other individuals recommended by the search committee were Janardan Lamichhane, Bhola Thapa, Bhadra Man Tuladhar and Mana Prasad Wagle. PM Dahal, however, decided to pick Dr Makaju following discussions with Poudel, Sharma and Dhungana on Friday morning.

It is said that Dr Makaju’s appointment was made as part of quid-pro-quo deal--that Dr Makaju as the KU VC would facilitate the process to allow B&C Medical College to run MBBS course as KU’s “extended programme”, a controversial concept that apparently is akin to granting affiliation.Many within KU were against giving Dr Makaju a second term.

“Dr Makaju is more focused on the medical school which itself is riddled with controversy,” said a senior KU official requesting anonymity. “Other schools under the varsity have suffered through neglect.” Others fear Dr Makaju might initiate action against officials who had lobbied for other candidates.

Source: Agencies