​District Level Examination Questions papers of Grade 8 leaked in Dang



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The question papers of almost all the subjects under the district-level Grade VIII examinations of Dang have been leaked in the local market before commencement of the examinations.

The question papers of the health and physical education to be held today was out in the market on Monday. The question paper of skill, profession and technical studies to be held on Wednesday is also out in the market. Teachers have found students wandering the streets and clinging on to their mobile phones in search of question papers.

The teachers are left scratching their heads with no explanations and confounded over the leakage of the question papers.

Meanwhile, District Education Officer of Dang, Ramesh Prasad Mainali, is taking the crisis in the lightest of manners. Mainali has made it clear he would view the incident in a 'simple way' and pointed to the provision in the Education Regulation allowing the concerned teachers to prepare a new set of question papers.

"I have also heard of the leakage of question paper, but it will not stop the exams, the concerned teacher of a subject can prepare a new question paper and conduct exam at the concerned school," he shared.

Many schools have conducted their exams by preparing new sets of question papers. Interestingly, the question papers of science and mathematics were not leaked in the market. RSS