Purbanchal University holds seventh convocation ceremony



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Purbanchal University on Saturday held the 23rd Special Assembly of its senate and seventh convocation ceremony at its central premises at Gothgaun in Morang amid allegation of corruption and financial irregularities by its officials.

The University under scrutiny of the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) held the convocation ceremony in which out of a total of 9,088 students Minister for Education and University's Por-Chancellor Chitralekha Yadav awarded certificates to 2,332 students graduating in the bachelor and master's degrees.

The 23rd Special Assembly endorsed the varsity's policy and programs in line with its act and presented the approved list of students passing the examinations at the convocation ceremony.

On the occasion, Education Minister Yadav emphasized that the academic community must provide for such education in view of today's necessity for the production of human resource needed by the country and the world market. She called on the academicians to be concerned of this fact.

Likewise, Joint Dean Udayaraj Prasai said although the varsity was maintaining the quality of education, the timely reformation in the examination system could not take place owing to lack of essential human resource.

Chief Guest of the ceremony, South Asian University India's Prof Kabita Sharma stressed on focusing on human resource production to meet the demand and necessity of the world market citing education had now gone global. Sharma underlined the danger of the people becoming jobless in the world market in case of failure to meet the demand of the world which has put a premium on technological, research-based and investigative study.

University's Vice Chancellor Shirish Rijal said the institution has prepared a job-based curriculum in collaboration with the business community so that the human resource produced could get jobs immediately after completing their study.

Industrialist Binod Chaudhary said a student's determination to achieve the dream was tantamount to a degree in itself. He called on the graduates to move ahead in life with a creative mindset.