​ President, PM and others extend best wishes on World Human Rights Day



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(To be disseminated on December 10) 
Kathmandu, Dec 10 (RSS): President Bidya Devi Bhandari has insisted that time has come to internalise the issues of nation's independence, sovereignty, geographical integrity and national unity in terms of the consolidation of human rights. 

In a message of best wishes to all Nepali sisters and brothers at home and abroad on the occasion of the World Human Rights Day (December 10) today, the Head-of-the-State said the Nepal's constitution has guaranteed the respect to, and protection, promotion and effective enforcement of the human rights. 

The President said she was happy to see provisions made by various bodies in regard with the implementation of human rights. 
"I believe that the people will feel the guarantee of human rights through the works to be done by the State bodies." The President further wished for success and inspiration to all those involved in ensuring common rights of human beings on this Day. 
Similarly, Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has stressed on the need of a civilised society to protect and promote equality, justice, democracy, freedom and human rights. 
He said the government was committed to establishing the Nepali society based on equity and justice by developing the culture of respecting the human rights of the entire Nepali citizens as per the Nepal's commitments made towards that end in the international forum. 

In his message of best wishes on the same occasion, the Prime Minister said the matter of coming the world community together in regard with the compliance with same norms and values for human rights has been guaranteed for individual freedom, equality, just society and humanitarian values and respect, and the government was also working to ensure the issues of human rights through the means of inclusive development. 
It was the prime responsibility of the government to protect rights of disadvantaged, suppressed and marginalised castes and communities and those facing discrimination and the vulnerable community, the Prime Minister said and made it clear that the government was committed to not allowing any incident of human rights violation to take place and in case of happening of such case, to bringing the guilty to book and providing justice to the victims. 

"The government is gradually implementing its commitments to the issues of human rights made at various regional and international forums, and the constitution has also established the matter of protection of promoting human rights as the fundamental rights," Prime Minister Deuba said. 
Such types of constitutional provisions have enhanced access of the suppressed, marginalised, backward, minorities, indigenous nationalities, dalits, Muslims and Tharus to opportunities by the means of economic equality, prosperity and social justice, the message further states. 
Prime Minster Deuba has expressed his belief that the endorsement of the Civil (Code) Act-2074 BS and the Criminal (Code) Act-2074 BS in consistent with the universal values of human rights and the legal system of Nepal and the enforcement of these legal instruments from 1 Bhadra 2075 BS would contribute to build a human rights friendly just society in Nepal. 
The transitional justice mechanisms such as Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) and Commission of Investigation on Enforced Disappeared Persons (CIEDP) are being focused on their respective jobs and the government is fully committed to implement the recommendations of the mechanisms. 
As an active member of the United Nations (UN), Nepal has been emphatically marking the December 10 – the day the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was adopted – as the international human rights day. 
Likewise, in a message delivered on the occasion, Nepal Army Chief Rajendra Chhetri has expressed his commitment to perform accordingly for the protection of fundamental rights and human rights of Nepali people in any challenging condition, in deference to the constitutional parameters. 
The NA is confident of carrying out its works taking into confidence all the sides of the transitional justice mechanisms – already in existence and to be formed to address the issues of human rights violations – in line with the provisions of the Comprehensive Peace Accord-2063 BS. 
Also on the occasion, UNDP Resident Coordinator Valerie Julliand noted that Nepal has made big achievements in its efforts towards protecting and promoting human rights and appreciated Nepal for being the first country in the South Asia to give recognition to third gender.