Police uses force in the protest of Part-time teachers



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The protest of part-time teachers has been interrupted by the police using the force. One of the members of the part-time teachers association has been injured as the police took the action on him by hitting on the chest with feet. They were conducting protests in the Baluwatar area by blocking the transportation. Police had used the force to release the blockade in transportation during which one of the teachers got injured.

 The teachers have been in protest since Baisakh with the demands of the contract based job and other facilities. Part-time teachers have  been organizing the protests time and again for their demands to be heeded. 

In July, Prime minister Sher Bahadur Deuba had assured to immediately take the necessary action on the demands of the protesting teachers. However, no any actiio was taken to make the necessary amendment.  The protesting teachers had pad-locked the constituent campuses across the country last month to make their demands heard. On the series of events, they even locked-up the TU officials including vice-chancellor Tritha Khaniya in the relay protest.

Consecutively, protesting part-time teachers have halted the teaching form Shrawan 26. 

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