Points to be considered while choosing a foreign University program in Nepal


Er. Prakash Kumar

It is said that, "Life is unfair for those who cannot make the right decision". After completion of 10+2 every student wants to join the best course for their career. Nowadays, there are plenty of choices when it comes to picking a university. Its complicated for the students and it creates confusion if they don't have a proper guidance or necessary research before making their final decision. 

Along with local universities, there are more than 20 foreign universities are operating in Nepal. The availability of numerous options creates challenges rather than feasibility for students. If you are a student who has decided to get a foreign university degree, then this article will illuminate on the things that he/she should consider in order to select the right university.

The following points are based on the guidelines set by the Ministry of Education, Nepal Government:

  1. Check for the permission of the Ministry and recognition: The Ministry of Education permits to run the program, and while visiting the college or college's website look for the Ministry's permission letter and ensure that Ministry has approved that course you are planning to join. 
  2. Check for Tribhuvan University Recognition: Ministry of Education grants permission to run the program in Nepal and Tribhuvan University grants equivalency to each course offered in partnership with a foreign university in Nepal. Without this recognition, a student will not be eligible to apply for a government job. In the absence of equivalency, even student will not be eligible to study a Master's degree program offered by any Nepalese University. 
  3. Do visit the University website: It is essential to visit the website of the respective university and ensure that the course structure (syllabus)/ duration offered by the local institutions/college are the same as provided by the native university. Every student must look for the name of the local college on the university website. 
  4. Check for the Facilities Provided by the University: While visiting the local college/institution, students must ask the following question to the academic counselor of that particular institution/college:
  • Does the university issue ID card to each enrolled students? It's essential to check that University issues the ID Card to each enrolled students from the very beginning. An ID card directly issued by the University is a confirmation that student has been successfully enrolled to that particular program. 
  • Does the university provide access at University Portal / University Learning Management System? Most of the Foreign Universities have their Learning Management System (LMS) , where every student can login and get access to learning materials etc. Students can also view their results using this access. 
  • Does the university directly issue the marks card for every semester/year? To get the TU equivalency, it's essential to ensure that every student get marks card/statement issued by the University for each year.  

Trent Shelton says, "The right decisions are always the hardest to make it. But they must be made in order to live the life you deserve". Therefore, if you have sought complete information about the foreign university degree you have chosen, then it will be beneficial for career opportunities and higher degree studies that you may enroll in the future. 

Research before any decisions you make and you will excel in every part of your life!


About the author:

Er. Prakash Kumar works as an Executive Director for LBEF Group of Institutions.