PM For Education To Meet National Needs


Himalayan News Service

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Prime Minister Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai has appealed to the students to help the process of linking education with real life situations so that learning outcomes can contribute to enlarging the livelihood options of the people. Speaking at the 17th convocation of Kathmandu University held the other day, Prime Minister Dr. Bhattarai emphasised on the need to link education with the workplace to deliver the human resource requirement of the nation.

There is no point in disagreeing with what Prime Minister Dr. Bhattarai has remarked, but the fundamental problem afflicting the education sector has been the political interference in the operation and management of the educational institutions in the country. Even the higher seats of learning like the Kathmandu University, famed for its standard and quality, has not been spared from partisan-oriented actions. The political differences and, on top of that, the tendencies of the parties to claim and usurp the top level positions for their own party loyalists have posed difficulties in administering the higher seat of learning, educational research and innovation in the country.

By reason of the tendency hinging on sheer politicisation of the educational institutions, the political party functionaries are preferred for nomination and appointment in the colleges and universities instead of academicians and educationists. At a time when the country needs the educational institutions specialising in promoting technical trades and vocational education to generate jobs and employment, as mentioned by Prime Minister Dr. Bhattarai, the policy makers and administrators seem oblivious of the need to streamline the education sector in line with the needs of the country.

Needless to say, educational institutions in the country are politicised to the point of destruction, and even the schools operating in the remote areas of the country face interference from the political groups. The academic rationale of the educational institutions has been relegated to the background while turning the educational institutions into political battlegrounds. Gang fights and violent brawls are often reported in the campuses and educational institutions these days. This indicates that the political parties tend to use these forums to fulfill their political ends and interests instead of promoting them for educational ends. As stressed by Prime Minister Dr. Bhattarai, necessary attention should be accorded to link the education system with the national needs to achieve progress and development. Political parties should recognise this fact and seek ways and means to depoliticise the educational institutions for transforming them into seats of quality education.

(Source: The Himalayantimes)