Offices of VC Rector and Registrar of Tribhuvan University padlocked by student leader



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Protesting against a decision of the Tribhuvan University senate, regarding age limit of Free Student Union Election candidacy dissatisfied Free Students Union (FSU) presidents of some constituent campuses in the Valley padlocked the offices of the Vice Chancellor, Rector, Registrar and the office of Students Welfare Directorate of Tribhuvan University on Chaitra 30. 

According to student leaders, the age bar for FSU candidacy is impractical  as FSU does not produce class captains but the leaders of the nation who can lead the country in future. They also demand that  first five vital FSU posts of president, vice-president, general secretary, secretary and treasurer should be elected through FPTP and the rest of the members should be elected through PR system. 

The FSU presidents who are opposing the decision belong to ANNFSU and Nepali Congress-aligned Nepal Students Union.

“We want the Tribhuvan University to hold the election on the scheduled date, but only after withdrawal of the decision,” he said, adding, “Otherwise it is difficult to hold the FSU poll across the country without taking the current FSU office bearers into confidence.”

Unlike the FSU presidents, the leaders of ANNFSU and NSU have welcomed the Tribhuvan University senate’s decision and urged the students and Tribhuvan University officials to prepare for the election.