New trend in high school education: Read in private school but give SLC from public school



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Have you ever tried to know the current scenario regarding students reading in governments schools in Nepal? As per the current rule and regulation of Government of Nepal, student cannot get the scholarship given by the Government of Nepal unless he/she passes S.L.C from a government school. After this declaration, the number of students has been increasing in Governments/Public Schools.

This rule regarding scholarship scheme, has increased the number of students in Public school. If we look at the trends of students’ enrolment in Government school, the number of students is increasing in higher classes i.e. 8-10 only.Those students who had been learning from years in private schools are being migrated to the Public schools. So the new trend is getting established among elite families also, sending their children in boarding schools and giving SLC from public schools.

Because of this kind of system, the real poor students who cant afford the private education and had to rely only on the educatio given in public schools are going to be bereft of the scholarships which was primarily aimed to be given to them, to encourage and faciliate them for higher studies.  Those smart newly migrated students from boarding schools will be getting those scholarships in upcoming years, so the aim of scholarships won’t get fulfilled in the real sense.  According to prevailing rule and regulation regarding scholarships, passing SLC from government school is sufficient to be eligible for getting scholarship.

This new trend demand the formulation of new education policy so that poor students can be assisted by scholarships scheme for higher studies, and only those students can get benefit by such scholarships program.  If government of Nepal and Ministry of education did not bother to think about this issue, real poor students who spend their whole schooling in public schools will surely be deprived of such benefits.

On the other hands, governments of Nepal, must give emphasis to improve the education standards in public schools so that the students from poor and marginalized community can also get quality education and can compete with those students who read in boarding schools (which claim to be of international standards).   

The Government of Nepal should make a new modified scholarships policy in order to check this problem.  Making provision of atleast three years of education from public schools compulsory to be eligible for scholarships can discourage the behavior of forging and giving SLC from public schools will be discouraged and real poor students will be benefited by this scholarship scheme.  

Note: This is the Guest post by a writer to prefer to be anonymous, and thoughts expressed here are the thoughts of writer, not of edusanjal family.