New skill-testing authority to help job-seekers


Himalayan News Service

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Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) is going to establish a National Skill Testing Authority (NSTA) to issue certificates on various skills through an examination.

Jay Bahadur Tandon, member secretary of CTEVT, today said that they are going to upgrade the National Skill Testing Board to standardise skill-testing examination and certification.

Tandon said, “A number of Nepalis going abroad as care-giver, beautician and others are returning back to the country due to lack of skills.”

He stated that such workers not only lose money and time, but also become vulnerable to torture by employers. “Therefore, an authority should be there so that no Nepali returns due to lack of skills.”

CTEVT is currently in the process of amending the National Skill Testing Board regulations to incorporate NSTA.

The plan states that arrangements would be made to equip people for foreign employment or domestic labour market as skilled and semi-skilled after carrying out tests.

“Since the issue of standardising the training has already appeared in the three-year plan, we are also looking into this issue seriously,” he said adding, “Though skill-testing certification from CTEVT is not mandatory now, it would be mandatory after the establishment of NSTA.

(Source: The Himalayantimes)