New private schools opening without permission in Jhapa


The Rising Nepal

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The pace of opening of new private schools without taking permission from the District Education Office (DEO) has gone up this year in Jhapa district.

The educational bodies informed that most of the private schools opened have been running run primary and lower secondary level classes only taking the permission to run classes up to grade 1.

The DEO has the provision to provide permission to add only one grade every year according to the schools’ infrastructure.

The guardians have complained that due to a lack of monitoring by the DEO, old schools have also started to run secondary level classes without taking permission.

The DEO has received the complaint against the private schools from all sides but it has failed to carry out effective monitoring of the schools, said Uddhav Bista, Joint-secretary of DEO. He added that if all education bodies and concerned stakeholders will support the DEO then they could take action against these schools.

According to him, more than 40 private schools of the district have been running higher level classes by taking permission only to run lower level classes.

Mahendra Bhattarai, District president of All Nepal National Independent Students Union Revolutionary (ANNISU-R), said every year with the start of new academic session people talk about the violations of rules by the private schools. However, the DEO remained passive to take action against the erring schools.

He added that the DEO did monitor the schools every year but failed to take action. It has happened only because there is a nexus between the DEO employees and the private schools, he added.

However, the DEO informed it could not carry out effective monitoring because it had been severely affected by shortage of resources and manpower.

Laxmi Prasad Bhattarai, District Education Officer, informed that the DEO is planning to run the campaign to close the schools that are running classes without taking proper permission from the DEO.

(Source: The Rising Nepal)