Nepali professor among Top 100 Youth Talents in China province


Kamal Kumar

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Rajiv Kumar Jha, a Nepali professor at Xi´an Medical University, has become first Nepali to be selected as one of the ´Top 100 Youth Talents´ in China. 

The provincial government of Shaanxi, a Chinese province located in Northern region of the country, selected the 35-year-old Jha as one of 100 youth talents in the seventh ´One-Hundred-Talent-Plan´ under youth 100 talent recruitment program of the government. 

Top 100 Youth Talents is the most prestigious award in China given to youths. 

Issuing a letter to Nepali Embassy in Beijing and Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu, the medical university on Sunday informed that Jha has been selected as one of the 100 talents. Youths under 40 years of age are selected for the youth talents. 

Jha is an associate professor at the university. 

The letter further reads that 35-year-old Jha, who has completed post-doc research from China, is the first Nepali citizen to be selected as one of the 100 talents by the Shaanxi government. 

A specialist team of the Shaanxi government, which selects youth, both domestic and foreign, for the award looks for people making contribution to their respective fields. The team selected Jha for his contribution to modern medicine and health. He has been relentlessly conducting research on pancreas and liver cancer. 

After being selected as one of the 100 talents in the “One-Hundred-Talent Plan” the Shaanxi government will expect him to do even more in his field. The government will provide him around 16 million rupees as settlement grant for his research. 

With his success, the medical university has also announced to set up a new department in the university, promote him as the department chief and provide him around 16 million rupees annually as ´research grant´ for his future endeavors. 

Jha can apply for permanent residency in China if he wants to stay in the country after one-and-a-half year. 

“The Shaanxi government will assess my efforts and may even increase the grant amount in future,” said Jha, who is a resident of Bhaisepati in Lalitpur, Nepal. “Most of the time, financial constraints prevent you from carrying out extensive research. The best thing is that I will face no such problem from now onward.” 

Jha, who had arrived in China some 17 years ago to study MBBS, was felicitated by “International Youth Scientist” award of National Natural Science Foundation of China in 2011. He had studied MBBS and MD from Chanthong University in Shaanxi province. He completed his PhD in Surgery 2010. 

Though he had specialized in surgical treatment, he was interested in research right from the beginning, he said. 

According to the gist of the 18th congress of Communist Party of China (CPC) has selected the ´Top 100 Talents´ to implement the ideas for strengthening the building of a High-end Innovative and Enterprising Talent Team but forward by Shaanxi Provincial Committee of CPC and the Shaanxi provincial government. 

Xi´an Medical University pledges to cooperate with medical experts from Nepal and carry out joint research in medical field. 

Official website of the Shaanxi government states that the youths have been selected with the hope that they can make remarkable contribution to the economic and social development of the province. 

The provincial government had started selecting ´Top 100 Youths´ since the last five years.

Source: Republica National daily 

Author: Purna Basnet