Nepal Budget 2071: Programs and Budget in Education Sector



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Finance Minister Dr. Ram Sharan Mahat allocated 86 Billion and 3 Crore to promote Education sectors of Nepal.

He has allocated budget for the following programs.

  1. To formulate integrated Education Act
  2. To merge the government/community school to improve their quality. At least 200 schools to be merged in this fiscal year.
  3. Start of Midwifery education in Nepal.
  4. Government allocated 6 Billion 52 Crore University Grant Commission to promote Higher Education in Nepal.
  5. Government will bring special programs to promote girls’ education at school-level targeting especially those from Muslim and marginalized communities in the Tarai.
  6. Students of marginalized community such as Dalits, Raute, Chepang  will be provided Rs 1,500-Rs 3,000 if they pass in first division from the community schools.
  7. Students from Dom, Badi, Chamar and, Musahar communities opting to study engineering and medicine will be provided free education up to the bachelor’s level.