My Perspective: Studying back home and here in the States



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My Perspective: Studying back home and here in the States

The mere four years of studying here in the USA is no match for the seventeen years of education I have received in Nepal. However, the experience and knowledge that I have gained during the process of my move from Nepal to here in USA is quite significant as well. Back home, I started my formal education at 4 and I struggled all along to have a good academic. At times I would succeed and other times I would not. Fortunately for me, it was never too bad back then. Circumstances have changed and so has my perspective. I now view education not just as a means of maintaining good grades but rather a medium to enhance understanding of the subject matter.

After completing my bachelors in biochemistry, I had no apparent opportunity to continue my education in Nepal. My study mates and I had to decide on going abroad. India was a good choice for us. But it took me a while to decide what I really wanted to do with my life. Rumor has it that you cannot get admission in an American university, let alone get a visa with the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score.  But with some research I found that some institutions did and I took my chances. Luckily, I was able to get both and then started my journey to America.

I came here and started as a transfer student. I spent couple of years confused. Three year degree that I had wasn’t of much use when I came. Moreover, I didn’t have anyone to ask and get answered. Universities that I approached had issues with my degree. They would transfer some of my classes but not all and I had to take general classes that would take two year to complete. I did what they asked for. Now that I have understood what I was actually supposed to do to save my time, money, and effort, I think it’s a better idea to share with others who need help and guidance.

Although things weren’t exactly as I had anticipated, I have always looked at the years I have spent here with optimism. I have experienced change in myself and the way I interpret the world. This personal growth has boosted my confidence and helped me enhance and amplify my skills to better compete in this dynamic job market. This abroad study has heightened my maturity and has helped me understand self sustainability outside a classroom. Funny as it may sound, but I have realized the importance of my culture and my country more now when I am half way round the globe.

Don’t get me wrong that everything is good here and everything is bad back home. When one comes here, one needs to take off those rose colored glasses and be prepared for all the fun and hardships. There are things that need to be straightened up here and there are some things that need to be prioritized there. What really matters for everyone of is that we become a better person; how and where aren’t important. At present, since the value of the degree earned here is higher, the employment opportunities are better here. For now, it will be safe to say that studying in the US and other countries will definitely influence one’s life for years to come, positively for sure!


Kushal Pokhrel (25)
BSc Biochemistry (NIST, Lainchour, Kathmandu)
Student ME BioMedical Engineering (University of Texas, Arlington, TX)