Ministry of Education Nepal decided to amend Institutional Schools Criteria and Operation Directive



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Department of Education under the Ministry of Education (MOE) has decided to amend the Institutional Schools Criteria and Operation Directives issued recently following the pressure from the private school organizations.

The government has prepared for the amendment of the directives after the Private and Boarding School´s Organization, Nepal (PABSON), National Private and Boarding School´s Association Nepal (National- PABSAN) showed difficulties to implement them.

Director General of the Department of Education, Tek Narayan Pandey said there were difficulties to implement some points in the directives without redefining them.

He said the Department has decided to amend some points including the optimum number of students in a classroom, shifting of schools running in rented houses or land to other places as the government was not against it.

"In the 11th point, we asked the government to make changes in language of the directives," said Pandey. He added that they thought of making the directives more practical by addressing the issues of schools eventhough the directives had reached the implementation stage.

General Secretary of the PABSON, DK Dhungana, said they had suggested changes in 49 points in the directives and the Ministry of Education has given a positive response.