Ministry of Education states its 100 days of accomplishments



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The Ministry of Education has stated its 100 days of functioning disclosing the achievements that its accomplished in a press release on Thursday.

The Ministry of Education said that a high-level education committee has been formed  led by education minister himself to  transform the education policies, programmes, and the form of organization making them better for the development of the educations sector.

The ministry has reviewed the 2012 TEVT policy. A TEVT policy dialogue draft report was prepared by deploying three experts.

The term TEVT read as Technical Education and Vocational Training, is the vital means of facilitating poverty reduction and maximization of social and economic benefits to improve rural livelihoods and lives, particularly for poor and disadvantaged youth and women.

In Nepal, the concept of TEVT is not new. The TEVT efforts so far are unorganized and scattered. For the purpose of formulating policies, implementing and managing the newly developed Technical School System, a national level Technical and Vocational Education Committee (TEVC) was formed in 1982.

 A draft of safe school policy was prepared considering the Disaater Risk Reduction(DRR) and is in the decision making process. This will help to ensure education in DRR-friendly school. Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) policy in building safer schools to prevent the large number of casualties of students and teachers that result from the destruction of school infrastructure due to any disaster.

The Kulalampur incident recently can be taken as an unfortunate instance. Nepal faces the time and again the lanslides that sweep off the poorly built schools. Earthquakes that destroy schools could be seem inevitable but if properly built infrastructure with the standard criteria, the damage could be reduced.

It unveiled that a negotiation of USD 60 million was made between Nepal government and World Bank for the second phase of Nepal’s Education and Training Sector Improvement Programme, the statement read.

First tranche of grant has been allocated to develop 197 secondary schools as model schools.

Sindhuli, Manang, Ilam and Gorkha have beem declared as fully literate districts, read the statement. Menawhile many schools that were running with insufficient cirteria were shut down by the Ministry.

The ministry had allocated budget for the construction of classroom of more than 1,000 schools destroyed by devastating earthquake of April 25, 2015.

You can view the 100 progress report published by Ministry of Education here: