Ministry of Education to award best performing campuses



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The Ministry of Education has announced it will start awarding the best performing campuses from this year on National Education Day.

A meeting held at the ministry took the decision to not only award the best schools as had been the practice before but also the best campuses.

After a briefing on the amendment to guidelines related to medals and certificates, the ministry announced to confer awards for the best community, private and constituent campuses.

Ministry’s Spokesperson Hari Lamsal talked of complaints that the earlier trend of awarding schools had turned the Education Day into a school level event. He said the campuses are being awarded for the first time.

The best campuses will be awarded Rs 250,000 in cash prize. The criteria for the awards have been based on physical infrastructure and student number.

Likewise, the Ministry will award Rs 200,000 to the best national school and Rs 100,000 for the best regional school.

A new regulation has been introduced this year requiring the candidates nominated for the best contribution in the education sector to fill application for the award themselves.

The selected individual will be conferred a medal and certificate.  The National Education Day falls on Bhadra 23 as per the Nepali calendar.