Program for UK-Nepal International research project in London



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A series of meetings were held in the Department of Psychology, King’s College, London, UK and lecturers from Nepal got to participate in it.

A group of lecturers from Nepal were invited to participate in the meetings. The meetings were organized as interaction programs on the ongoing UK-Nepal international research project titled “Childhood Maltreatment: Emotional Consequences and Potential Intervention”. This is a multicultural and multi- national project, involving Nepal, India, and United Kingdom.

Prof.Dr.Shanta Niraula, Central Department of Psychology, Lecturers Narayan Prasad Sharma, Tri-chandra Multiple Campus, and Sandesh Dhakal, Central Department of Psychology Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, took part in the discussions which was held from November 20th to 27th, 2017.

In these meetings, research findings of “Studies One and Two” were discussed, and the protocol for “Studies Three and Four” were finalized. These meetings also provided the Nepali with research training needed to carry out the project.

An asssoication of researchers from different academic institutions of UK gave their expert advice to the participants relating to the project.