Medical Entrance Tests Should Be Fair And Uniform


Himalayan News Service

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A news report published in this daily the other day mentions about the poorly regulated and haphazardly managed state of the medical education in the country. The news item talks about the uncoordinated and arbitrary way with which the MBBS entrance education is conducted. This compels the students to face the horns of the dilemma without knowing the options to choose from amidst the stiff competition one has to be pitted for the limited opportunities available. For example, the Tribhuvan University and the Kathmandu University affiliate the colleges to offer medical education but the way they provide affiliation, conduct the entrance tests and admit the students do differ vastly leading to variance in the costs, quality and standards. Moreover, the costs for medical education in the country are prohibitive and exorbitant as a consequence of which ordinary people are denied access to it. Even the bright and brilliant students who have keen interests and aptitude to pursue medical education are prohibited because of exorbitant costs involved and the questionable, non-transparent and shoddy way the selection is undertaken.

Thousands of the students who sit for the medical entrance examinations fail to pass the tests. The newspaper reports time and again disclose that the irregularities and shady deals often dictate the process of medical entrance tests at the expense of merit. The leakage of the question papers and other malpractices involved down the road indicate that the whole process of the medical entrance examination is in need of a through overhaul and reform. At this backdrop, Nepal Medical Council should take proactive lead to reform the process and ensure the entrance examination is conducted in a coordinated manner. Moreover, as the fairness of the entrance test evaluation process is contested, it is necessary to create a mechanism that makes the whole process more sound and free from malpractices. Both at the MBBS and MD level a fair and objective nationwide examination and evaluation system needs to be introduced so that those who aspire to compete in the process are welcome without any biases and hassles. There is a need to work out and implement strict criteria to ensure that the medical colleges established in different parts of the country are properly regulated and guided to create necessary infrastructure and facilities for upholding the quality and maintaining standards.

(Source: The Rising Nepal)