​Lunkaran Das Gangadevi Literature Foundation​ feted​ Several artists and litterateurs​



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Lunkaran Das Gangadevi Literature Foundation feted Several artists and litterateurs with various awards on the occasion of its 23th anniversary in the capital city today.

Scholar Toya Gurung received Gandadevi Chaudhary Memorial Honour while lyricist Kali Prasad Rimal was awarded with Saraswati Honour.

Similarly, recipients of the Itihas Siromani Baburam Research Honour and Narayan Gopal Music Honour were Harikanta Lal Das and Deep Shrestha respectively.
Likewise, Uttam Nepali was feted with Arniko Lalitkala Honour, Mahendra Mangaliya with Bal Krishna Sama Ranga Honour and athlete Meera Rai with Nepal Pratibha Honour.
Chairperson of the Foundation, Basanta Chaudhary, distributed the awards to the scholars, litterateurs and artistes in recognition to their contribution in their respective sectors.
"The award aims to recognize the contributions of the people involved in various sectors as their creations impact even in the international level," explained Chairperson Chaudhary, who himself has the literary repute besides being a business person. RSS