London Metropolitan University stripped of its right to admit foreign students



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More than 2,000 students could face ejection from UK after the Government revoked London Metropolitan University's highly-trusted status (HTS) for sponsoring international students. The UK Border Agency (UKBA) says student attendance at London Metropolitan University is not being monitored and that many have no right to be here.

As a result, the university will no longer be allowed to authorise visas.

Major consequences:

  • London Metropolitan University has had its right to sponsor visas revoked
  • Report claimed that a quarter of foreign students did not have valid visas, few showed up to lectures and many had a poor grasp of English
  • Now students face deportation if they can't find new sponsor within 60 days
  • Comes amid fears that many foreigners are abusing study visas to work here

How many students are affected?

London Metropolitan university says around 2,700 already there or planning to go to London Met are directly affected, but the crisis could affect the entire future of the university with its 30,000 students and 2,000 staff.

Will students have to leave the country?

Those already on courses and with valid visas have 60 days to find another course at another university or college. If they fail to do so they must leave voluntarily or be "administratively removed". The 60-day clock for each student starts ticking when he or she receives a letter from the UK Border Agency. These are already being sent out.

Any existing student without valid permission to remain in this country – and the UK Border Agency says its checks found some – do not get the same 60-day leeway.

However, students who were about to come to the UK to take up their studies with what were until Wednesday valid visas will now have them cancelled. If they then travel to the UK, they will be refused entry. It is uncertain how many of these potential students there are. The university said it had confirmed places for about 300 before its licence was suspended on 16 July but it is not clear how many of these have been given visas.

How easy will it be to find new places elsewhere for international students already at London Met?

Not at all. Most universities have fixed their numbers of international students by now. Then there is the question of matching course requirements to the academic work any London Met international student has already done. Then the student has to apply again for a valid visa. If they don't have one within 60 days from Wednesday they have to leave.

Why is the future of the university potentially at risk?

The university says this decision blows a £30m hole in its budget – taking away nearly a fifth of it. The university calls the UKBA action a "disproportionate" response which could have "severely damaging" implications for its other students. It could not make up the shortfall through taking in more home students even if enough wanted to go there. Funding from the government depends on limits it sets for the number of home students each university can take.

Severe financial problems at the university have already meant huge changes at London Met since 2009, including a 70% cut on the number of courses it offers.

How Many Nepalese Students will be affected?
Sources claim that more than 500 Nepalese students are reading in London Metropolitan University and they are also in risk of deportation from London.