Lok Darshan Regmi appointed as new Chief Secretary


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Oct 23, 2017

The government on Monday has appointed the secretary at the Ministry of Home Affairs, Lok Darshan Regmi as the Chief Secretary. The Cabinet meeting held this morning decided to promote Regmi to the top bureaucratic position as the incumbent Rajendra Kishore Chhetri is retiring tomorrow due to the age limit. Chhetri was appointed the Chief Secretary in mid-July after then Chief Secretary Somlal Subedi quit to work for the World Bank. Regmi is the 24th Chief Secretary of Government of Nepal.

The Cabinet meeting Monday morning appointed Regmi as the Chief Secretary on the basis of seniority. Regmi was promoted to Secretary on Shrawan 2070.  Naindra Prasad Upadhyaya and Shankar Prasad Adhikari were also in the race of Chief Secretary. Regmi had worked as the finance secretary before working as the secretary at the Home Mininstry.