Local government faces lack of education employees



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 Government has already appointed over 400 employees on contract basis in the local administration but education employees in the local level have been insufficient.

It is still undecided by the local government whether to coalesce the employees appointed by the Government or to advertise for new employees.

The employees appointed by the Ministry of Education have been found to be irregular to the work. There have been complains of lack of attendance by the government officials due to which the people representatives in the local government have not been able to carry out the work efficiently.

Government has already handed over the education management upto scondary level to the local government, however the local government has not been efficient enough to conduct all the administrative procedures.

The integral employees of the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Government do not want to be working under the Executive Officers in the local government as well. Therefore, Education Ministry has been facing some hurdles to appoint the enough number of employees in the local level.

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