Literate unemployment: A challenge


Himalayan News Service

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The mind holds a cocktail of knowledge, certificates and theories of capability for self-administration of practical and quality living. Education has been viewed as the basic, harmonic and luminous infrastructure for human growth. With the even grading of literacy nowadays, the potential has not been considered evenly for employment creating a burning problem known as literate unemployment.

Nepal being a developing country, the utilization of resources to enhance employee efficiency is very low. Every year thousands of youth hold their master’s degree. Many hold the knowledge of various professions, but such certificates and knowledge have no field for their satisfactory survival. So, the theory that education enhances career development, income and job opportunities goes false in the context of our country. Due to poor industrialization, insecure government plans, lack of research, trainings and modern techniques of agriculture, inadequate support of government to the private sector, the employment problem is growing.

It’s an acrid fact that lots of energetically strong and mentally rich manpower are going abroad for employment. Though, somehow they support the national economy –the nation is losing its manpower to foreign job markets. This has brought instability, insecurity, frustration, depression, suicides, pain and all types of sickness in our society. Due to this literate unemployment problem, we are being pushed back in development works and modernization. This makes our resources and senses of no use. So, to give an envelope for the lapses, the government should encourage its youth to stay in the country through supporting programs and facilities for income generating activities.

Literate unemployment causes the loss of creativity and passion, loss of ideas, and many others. Such a situation creates the breeding ground for anti-social activities, drug abuse, robbery etc. There is no doubt the literate unemployment is a great challenge with our unstable political situation and poverty. To mitigate this problem, industrialization and international projects should be under focus. Financial accommodation can be uplifted by the use of local resources and manpower.

Thus, a qualified mind should get a qualitative job. Practical and technical education should be encouraged, and the present educational system must be upgraded. Moreover, the realization of responsibility can only be the guide to move forward. Will power in the citizens is also essential to overcome literate unemployment. Anyway we have a candle of hope, but not a spark to make it glow.

(Source: The Himalayantimes)