List of Universities of USSR recognized by Nepal Engineering Council



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This is the complete list of Universities of USSR which are recognized by Nepal Engineering Council. Nepalese students who enroll in other universities of USSR except mentioned below, wont be able to register as Engineer in Nepal Engineering Council so can not practice as an Engineer in Nepal.

Name of University 

  1. Agriculture State University of Maldova 
  2. Azerbaijan Civil Engineering Institute 
  3. Azerbaijan State University 
  4. Byelorussian Institute of Mechanization of Agriculture: Mechanical Engineering only
  5. D.I. Mendeleev Russian Chemico-Technological University 
  6. Don State Technical University 
  7. G.V.Plekhanov Saint Petersburg State Mining Institute (Technical University) 
  8. Geological Prospecting of the Saint Petersburg State Mining Institute 
  9. Georgia Technical University 
  10. Georgian Polytechnical Institute 
  11. Ivanova State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture: Civil Engineering only
  12. Kharkov Automobile and Highway Construction Institute 
  13. Kiev Civil Engineering Institute 
  14. Kiev Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers 
  15. Kiev Polytechnic Institute 
  16. Kishinev M.V.Frunze Agricultural Institute 
  17. Kyrghyz Technical University 
  18. Leningrad Electro-Technical Institute of Telecommunication 
  19. Leningrad Hydro-meteriological Institute 
  20. Leningrad Institute of Civil Engineers 
  21. Leningrad Mining Institute 
  22. M.V.Lomonosom Moscow Institute of Fine Chemical Technology 
  23. Makayevka Civil Engineering Institute 
  24. Mariupoul Metallurgical Institute 
  25. Mogilev Machine Building Institute 
  26. Moscow Architectural Institute 
  27. Moscow Automechanical Institute 
  28. Moscow Civil Engineering Institute 
  29. Moscow Electrotechnical Institute of Telecommunication 
  30. Moscow Highway & Automobile, Institute 
  31. Moscow Institute of Geodesy and Aerial Surveying and Cartography 
  32. Moscow Institute of Hydrotechnical Engineering and Land reclamation 
  33. Moscow Institute of Railway Engineer 
  34. Moscow of the Labour Red Banner Order Mining Institute,USSR : Mining Engineering only
  35. Moscow order of Lenin order of Red Banner Chemico technological Institute 
  36. Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Russian Fed) 
  37. Moscow State Academy of Instrument Making & Information Sciences 
  38. Moscow State Automobile and Road Construction Institute (Technical University) 
  39. Moscow State Geological Prospecting Academy 
  40. Moscow State University of Environmental Engineering 
  41. Moscow Technical University of Communication and Information Technology 
  42. Moscow Technological Institute of Light Industry 
  43. Odessa Civil Engineering Institute 
  44. Odessa Technical Institute of Industrial Refrigeration 
  45. Patrice Lumumba People’s Friendship University 
  46. Polotsk State University 
  47. Riga Civil Aviation Engineering Institute 
  48. Rostov Engineering Academy 
  49. Russian University of Chemical Technology 
  50. Saint Petersberg Institute of Civil Engineering 
  51. Saint Petersburg Forest Technical Academy 
  52. Samara State Technical University 
  53. St. Petersburg State University of Architecture & Civil Engineering 
  54. St. Petersburg State University of Technology & Design 
  55. State Academy of Services 
  56. State Engineering University of Armenia 
  57. Tashkent Automobile and Highway Engineering Institute 
  58. Tashkent Institute of Engineering of Irrigation and Mechanization of Agriculture 
  59. Tazik Polytechnical Institute 
  60. The Byelorussian Polytechnical Institute 
  61. The Byelorussian State Polytechnic Academy 
  62. The Donetsk Polytechnical Institute 
  63. The Krasnodar Polytechnical Institute 
  64. The Leningrad Plekhanov Mining Institute 
  65. The Leningrad Polytechnical Institute 
  66. The Moscow State University of Communication Means 
  67. The Petersburg University of Means of Communication 
  68. The St. Petersburg Bonch-Bruevitch State University of Telecommunication 
  69. The Tashkent Polytechnical Institute 
  70. The Tashkent State Technical University 
  71. The Taskent Electrotechnical Institute of Communication (Now Republic of Uzbekistan) 
  72. Tula State Technical University : System Engineering only
  73. Tver State University 
  74. Vinnista Polytechnical Institute 
  75. Vladimir State University 
  76. Volgograd Polytechnical Institute 
  77. Vorvonez Institute of Forestry 
  78. Yerevan Architectural Engineering Institute 
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