List of Universities of UK recognized by Nepal Engineering Council



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This is the complete list of Universities of  United Kingdom (UK) which are recognized by Nepal Engineering Council. Nepalese students who enroll in other universities  in UK except mentioned below, wont be able to register as Engineer in Nepal Engineering Council so can not practice as an Engineer in Nepal.  

Name of University

1.      Bolton Institute

2.      Bradford University

3.      Council for National Academic Award, Trent Polytechnic, Nottingham

4.      National Academic Awards Polytechnic of Central London.

5.      Cranfield Institute of Technology (now cranfield University)

6.      Imperial college of Science & Technology

7.      Kingston University (CNNA)

8.      Leeds University, Yorkshire

9.      London University, U.K.

10.  Loughborough University of Technology

11.  Oxford University

12.  University of Bristol

13.  University of Bath., U.K.

14.  University of Birmingham

15.  University of new castle, new castle upon tyne

16.  University of Southampton, U.K.

17.  University of Surrey

18.  Strath clyden University of George street, Glavson.

19.  The Council of Engineering Institute,UK

20.  London Metropolitan University

21.  Middlesex Polytechnic

22.  Nottingham Trent University  

For more information please visit Official website of Nepal Engineering Council