List of Japanese Universities recognized by Nepal Engineering Council (NEC)



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This is the complete list of Universities of  Japan which are recognized by Nepal Engineering Council. Nepalese students who enroll in other universities  in  Japan except mentioned below, wont be able to register as Engineer in Nepal Engineering Council (NEC) so can not practice as an Engineer in Nepal.  

Name of Japanese Universities recognized by NEC

1.      International Institute of Seismology and Earthquake Engineering

2.      Kyoto University

3.      Kyushu University

4.      Nagoya Institute of Technology

5.       Osaka Institute of Technology: Recognized faculty-Architecture

6.      Saitama University

7.      The University of Tokyo

8.      Tohoku University

9.      Tokyo Institute of Technology

10.  Tottri University

11.  Yokohama National University 

For more information please visit Official website of Nepal Engineering Council