List of Chinese Universities recognized by Nepal Engineering council



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Not all the chinese universities are recognized by Nepal Engineering Council. Unless Nepal Engineering council recognized that University, the engineering degree taken from that University will not be valid in Nepal. 
So if you are planning to go China for engineering study, make sure that your desired university and desired engineering program is recognized by Nepal Engineering council. 
Degree of Engineering will include: B.E./B.Tech in Engg/ B.Sc.engg./ M.Tech in Engg/M.Sc. (Engg)/ B’Arch/M,Arch/PH.D. Agriculture Engg and for those university if only one degree/program is recognized that program is written in Bracket followed by the name of the University. 
  1. Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications 
  2. China Textile University 
  3. Ching Hua University 
  4. Dalian Maritime University 
  5. East China Technical University 
  6. East China University of Textile Science/Technology 
  7. Xian Highway Transportation University 
  8. Hohai University (East china technical University of water resources) 
  9. Hohai University, Nanjing. 
  10. Hughong University of China 
  11. Jhexiang University 
  12. Nanging Institute of Technology 
  13. Northern Jiaetong University 
  14. Sanghai University 
  15. Shanghai College of Textile Technology 
  16. Shanghai Institute of Technology 
  17. South East University 
  18. Tianjin University 
  19. Tongii University, China 
  20. Tongii University, Shanghai, China 
  21. Tsinghua University 
  22. Wuxi Institute of Light Industry 
  23. Xian Highway Institute 
  24. Zhejlang University 
  25. Shanghai Jiao Tong University 
  26. University of Science & Technology 
  27. Huazhong University of Science & Technology 
  28. Xi'an Jiaotong University,China : Civil 
  29. Harbin Institute of Technology : Electronics & Communication 
  30. University of Science & Technology,Beijing, : All Engineering Faculties
  31. East China University of Science & Technology 
  32. Lanzhou Jiatong University:  Sanitory (Civl0 Bachelor of Engineering only 
  33. Southwest Jiatong University: Bachelor of Architecture 

Note: The list might have updated (included more university, or removed some university) so please visit Nepal Engineering council for updated informations.