Learn valuable skills and understand difficult concepts with educational games



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Here are two very fundamental questions for you.

  1. How much time do you read daily?

  2. Do you like playing games in computer (off line games) or in Internet (online games)?

Did you understand what I mean in the first question? No,? I mean to course books or books that you have to read so that you can pass certain exams. But due to invent of techology, students have shown apathy (lack of interest) to read their course books. Its not a surprise, if you play games or spend must of the time playing online/offline games or chatting with friends, but rarely open books, because this type of behavior is seen among many youths recently.

But be cautious, these types of habit wont pay off. One day you have to suffer, but what to do? Its very difficult to change the habit!
So in this blog post, I am writing you about some of the educational games which you can use as a tool for transition from your gaming habits to learn something that will be helpful for you in the long run also.

If you like playing games, why not play those games which also help you to understand the basics about Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Health Sciences so that you can both enjoy the games and also learn something that will help you know the difficult subjects.

Here are the list of few interactive, entertaining and useful educational games.  Below you can Play The Blood Typing Game. Use your knowledge to save lives of People. 

Here is the list of Top Ten Most VIsited Educational Games Developed by Nobelprize media

1. The Blood Typing Game
2. The DNA - the Double Helix Game
3. The Immune System Game
4. The Control of the Cell Cycle Game
5. The Pavlov's Dog Game
6. The Electrocardiogram Game
7. The Transistor
8. The Diabetic Dog Game
9. The Split Brain Experiments Game
10. The Lord of the Flies Game

Apart from the above mentioned games there are lots of educational resources in Nobel Prize Media, which will be useful to you.