Lack of students in BDS programme affiliated to Tribhuvan University



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Tribhuvan University has not decided either it is going to take the new entrance examination of BDS  or not.In this academic session, colleges are not getting total number of students in BDS programme. less number of students passed the entrance examination of BDS so the colleges are requesting Tribhuvan university to re-take the entrance examination.College founders have requested to the Office of the Dean and vice-chancellor to manage for re-entrance examination.

college takes around 12 lakhs fee for this program. Tribhuvan university have not provided scholarship for students in  BDS programme. Among 182 participant only 69 passed the entrance examination so, the colleges are not getting total number of students.

  1. Universal Medical college of Bhairahawa ,
  2. Chitwan Medical College , 
  3. Kediya Dental College , 
  4. KIST Medical College  and 
  5. Peoples Dental College  

have taken affiliation from Tribhuvan University for BDS programme. TU gives 320 seats to above colleges. 

College founders are saying,Tribhuvan university took entrance examination of BDS & MBBS in same period so the less number of students attained in entrance examination of BDS. They have demanded time gap for entrance examination of BDS with MBBS.