Lack of bridges hampers school in Jajarkot



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Jajarkot, July 28: Community schools in the district opened from July 20 after the summer vacation. With this has also started a problem.
Although the schools have opened, the children are facing problem going to schools due to the increased level of water in the rivers and streams that they have to cross while going to school and returning home.
"There are no bridges over most of the rivers and streams and the water level in them has also risen with the beginning of the rainy season, creating problem for the children," Dal Bahadur Khatri, a teacher at Pancha Bhayar Secondary School, Jikuwa said.
He said before this schools used to close for summer vacation throughout the monsoon season but this time the schools have opened early into the monsoon, hence the problem.
Ram Prasad Khatri, a local parent of Triveni Nalgad Municipality-8, said, "There are no bridges on the rivulets that lie on the way to school and the water level in these rivulets is also high at this time. It is highly risky for the children to cross the rivulets. We would be able to send our kids to school without worries had there been bridges over these streams."
He urged the local people's representatives to construct even temporary bridges over these rivulets.
This problem is found in Ragda, Bhagawati, Sakla, Ramidanda, Nayakbada, Rokayagaon, Daha among most places in the district. RSS