Keep tabs on student exodus'


Himalayan News Service

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The Ministry of Education (MoE) today urged educational consultancies to maintain records of students who go abroad to pursue higher studies.

Speaking at an interaction titled ‘Condition of Nepali Students in Japan’, Mahashram Sharma, joint secretary at MoE said that if consultancies maintain such records, the government could use it to rescue Nepali students in case of emergency.

“Nepalis in Japan were also affected by the Tsunami and earthquake. We could not provide help as we did not have accurate record of Nepali students living there,” he said. 

Sharma said consultancies were in a unique position to maintain data on students leaving the country. He urged them to help the government with figures until a separate mechanism was prepared to track students. “Although MoE issues a ‘No Objection Letter’ to students going abroad, not all students that apply for the letter get their visa,” he informed.

“Nepalis in Japan need to register their name and address with the embassy. But only a few have done that so far,” said Ganesh Yonjan, Nepali ambassador to Japan. He further said the embassy had made a public announcement calling on Nepalis to contact the embassy.

Deepak Gurung, president of Educational Consultancy Association, Nepal, admitted that most consultancies were yet to maintain records of students going abroad.

(Source: The Himalayantimes)